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Honourary Master of Arms/Maître d'Armes (Foil, Epée, Sabre)

Dr. Zachary Kotlyar -  Master of Arms - Foil, Epée, Sabre

Dr. Zachary Kotlyar is a winner of numerous international fencing tournaments and a former Soviet National Champion. Master Kotlyar held the positions of the State Coach of Fencing of Sport Committee for the City of Kiev, Vice-Principal Spartak Olympic Reserve Fencing School in Kiev, coach of Dynamo Kiev Fencing Club, Bercalieri Fencing Club (Rome), and the York University Fencing Club. Under his supervision these clubs made significant contribution to the World and Olympic Fencing: Olympic Champion Vladimir Smirnov, World Champions Serguei Kravchuck, and Alexandre Bykov. Master Kotlyar has a PhD in pedagogical sciences and sports psychology specializing in the Olympic sport of fencing from Kiev State University and the Institute of Physical Education and Sports. Master Kotlyar has the very rare and distinct honour of holding the title of Maitre D'Armes in all three weapon categories: Foil, Epée, and Sabre, Master Kotlyar offers over 60 years of fencing experience, coaching, knowledge and wisdom. Master Kotlyar is also a teacher of senior mathematics and Canadian Math League instructor at Vaughan Secondary School.

Coaches and Instructors

Stanley Yee - Foil, Epée, Sabre

Stanley is a protégé of Master Kotlyar, studying under him since 1990. Stanley has become an accomplished foil fencer in the 1990s winning several regional and provincial individual and team medals. He has NCCP certification and a former head coach for the York University varsity team and club.  His students have achieved success at Secondary, University, Provincial, National, and International level tournaments. He brings over 30 years of coaching, martial arts, and fencing experience. Stanley has an Honours degree in political science and a post diploma certificate in marketing management. Stanley is a former educational publishing executive at Nelson Education and Pearson Canada. Stanley is the president, principal, and founder of the Dragon Fencing Academy. Stanley is the varsity fencing head coach at Canada's largest all boys boarding school, St. Andrew's College in Aurora.

Doug Tong - Kenjutsu

Sensei Tong started his training in kenjutsu in 1990 in Japan. He studied in some of the most illustrious schools of classical Japanese swordsmanship. Mr. Tong studied Katori Shinto Ryu directly under the late Master Yoshio Sugino in Kawasaki-shi. He was one of the last direct pupils of Yoshio Sugino sensei. Mr. Tong also studied Yagyu Shinkage Ryu directly under the tutelage of the late Master Masao Mutoh in Zushi-shi. He currently continues his studies in Yagyu Shinkage Ryu directly under the tutelage of Mutoh sensei’s successor, Master Yasushi Kajitsuka  in Japan. Mr. Tong is the leader of the only official study group in North America of Yagyu Shinkage Ryu (Ohtsubo Branch). Mr. Tong has over 25 years of sword arts and teaching experience and brings a unique perspective and knowledge of Japanese sword fighting. He is the founder of Tokumeikan, an organization dedicated to the study of classical Japanese swordsmanship. Mr. Tong has a Masters degree in education and is an elementary school teacher.


Nick Priore - Foil, Epee, Sabre, Kenjutsu

Nick started fencing in 2006 with Master Kotlyar.  He is a founding member of the Dragon Fencing Academy. He teaches both fencing and kenjutsu classes. Nick has his community coaching certificate  for foil in 2010. Nick is also experienced camp counsellor.  Nick also studies Kenjutsu under Sensei Tong. Nick has an Honours degree in environment & science and a  Bachelors degree in education. He is a science teacher at St. Thomas of Villanova College in King City..

Assistant Coaches

Trent Wylie - Foil

Trent started fencing foil in 2007 at the academy under the tutelage of Master Kotlyar. Trent coaches the youth and teens and has his community coaching certificate for foil in 2011 and many hours as a volunteer camp counsellor.  Trent has an honours degree in Science and Management  at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.  He is a Chemical Technologist at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.


Honourary Coaches

Valerie Ossipova - Foil

Studying under Master Ramil Aupov and Master Galina Ivanova at the Dynamo and Thunderbird fencing clubs in the Republic of Bashkiria, Russia. Valerie became the women's foil champion of Bashkiria in 1992, 1993 and won the Cup of Bashkiria in 1992. In 1994 she became a Champion of Russia in the team event. Valerie is the 2003 Ontario Provincial Women's Foil Champion in the individual and team event.  Valerie is a Russian Master of Sport in foil and has over 25 years of fencing and coaching experience. Valerie has a Masters degree in education.


Dr. David Donovan - Foil

Dr. David Donovan started his fencing career at the University of New Brunswick and continued under Master Kotlyar in the 1990s at York, where Dave completed his PhD in physics. Dave is an atmospheric research scientist at The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in the Netherlands,  Dave has over 30 years of fencing and coaching experience, NCCP designation. He continues to fence and represent Canada in the Netherlands.


Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo - Foil, Epée

Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo began fencing in the1980s in his native Cuba and in the 1990s at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany. In 2001, Julio came to Toronto for his post doctoral studies at York University. Dr. Martinez-Trujillo is a MD and PhD and has over 25 years of fencing and teaching experience. Dr. Martinez-Trujillo is  an Associate Professor in the department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Western University.


Dr. Alexandre Sévigny - Sabre

Dr. Alexandre Sevigny started fencing in 1990 with Master Kotlyar and expanded his studies with Master Jennay (Racing Club de France - Paris), Master Vladimir Solomon, and Master Ken Wood. Dr. Sevigny is a former York University varsity head coach and has NCCP designation. He brings over 25 years of fencing and coaching experience from several different schools of fencing. Dr. Sevigny has a PhD in computational linguistics and is an Associate Professor of communications and multimedia at McMaster University and Director of Professional Communication Programs .  


Filip Kotlyar - Foil

Filip started fencing when he was 6 years old under the tutelage of his father Dr. Kotlyar. Filip has won several medals when he was a cadet and a junior. He has returned to fencing after a brief respite to pursue the family tradition and brings over 20 years of fencing experience. Filip has a Bachelors degree in business from York University and a Real Estate Agent.


Christopher Sévigny - Sabre

Christopher started fencing when he was15 with Master Kotlyar and continued with Master Vladimir Solomon, Fred Granek and his brother, Dr.Alexandre Sévigny. Chris is the Ontario Junior Provincial Men's Sabre Champion in 2000.  Chris has a Masters degree in psychology from McMaster University.


Vyacheslav Golubyev -  Epée

Vyacheslav started fencing at age 13 with the "Galleon" Fencing Club in Lviv, Ukraine under Master Mas'ko and Master Orlikovsky. In 1998, Slava continued his studies in Canada under the tutelage of Master Kotlyar, Alexandre Sévigny and Stanley Yee. In 2000, Slava became the Ontario Junior Provincial Men's Epée Champion. Slava has Honours degree in economics from York University.

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